Manufacturing of microfluidic chips and lab on a chip devices at uFluidixIf you need tens of microfluidic devices for experimentation, hundreds for trials or validation, or thousands for product launch, uFluidix can help. We use Quality Management System (QMS) to enforce product reliability.

The manufacturing, handling and packaging of microfluidic devices are performed in our industrial cleanroom facility. All toolings, molds, and fixtures are fabricated in-house for faster turnaround, and protection of client’s IP.



Prototype Fabrication

Microfluidic chip prototype fabrication at uFluidix lab on a chip devices manufacturerVery recently, the use of micro systems in applications such as Wearables, Point of Care, Sequencing, Personalized Medicine, and Drug Discovery is accelerated. We see an increasing trend in industry activities toward bringing these solutions to market. Many startups and spin-offs with brilliant intellectual property are appearing. Alternatively, there are promising products being pushed by the established Medical Device and Pharmaceutical industry.

We understand how crucial for our clients is to quickly and efficiently fabricate and evaluate their conceptual design so they can move to the next iteration. Our turnaround is often faster than your procurement cycle.



Bonding of microfluidic device at uFluidixMicroElectro mechanical devices are often made from a plastic/glass/silicon/silicone layer covered by additional layers. The sealing strength between the layers could be critical to the performance of the device. 

Although the bonding approaches used in micro fabrication foundries are powerful, they might not be appropriate for the larger volume production of your device for various reasons. This could pose a bottleneck to the production of your micro device. 

We select appropriate scalable processes for bonding which best fit your device’s important surface requirements such as contact angle, chemical/solvent or biological contaminants, inhibitory agents, roughness, or optical/fluorescence issues.



Research and Development

Several years of experience has rewarded uFluidix with knowledge proven to be critical for product development in a wide range of applications. If you are currently conceptualizing, improving, or validating an application from the list below we invite you to a friendly chat with one of our development specialists. We ensure you would hear something from us that is worth the experience.

List of applications microfluidic devices manufacturer uFluidix can help with development