• “The company was very helpful in quickly setting out our design and fabricated the product in a timely manner, even given the very short lead time as it was a rush order. The product was delivered as promised and worked as planned. If our needs dictate, will definitely order from them again in the future.”

    Denis L. Rousseau, Ph.D., Professor & Chair, Department of Physiology & Biophysics, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

  • “The chips from uFluidix were of very high quality. We had to do some modifications to fit within the footprint available, and they were very helpful and responsive with this. The team at uFluidix also worked really hard to get us our order in time to use facilities we had booked for a specific window.”

    Brian Miller, Managing Director, uFraction8

  • “We are happy about the two types of chips that uFluidix manufactured. The chips look like commercial products. It is very impressive when we present these models to our R&D group.”

    Ming-Qun Xu, Senior Scientist at New England Biolabs

  • “We were exceptionally pleased with the work of uFluidix. They provided our research group with two different chip designs and were very open to help our group change the initial design of our chip. The chips have worked perfectly, and have helped my team to advance in our research.”

    Matthew Rycenga, Ph.D., Trident Laboratories

  • “uFluidix was instrumental in the success of our task. Sohrab in particular shared invaluable wisdom with us throughout the design of the microfluidic channel, with the procurement of supplemental test equipment, and in the test procedure.”

    Kevin Gemp, The MITRE Corporation

MicroFluidics, Lab on a Chip, Organ on a Chip


Via a quality management system, we use proprietary technologies for the mass fabrication of silicone (PDMS), and thermoplastic parts for micro technologies.



We offer reasonable pricing, and very quick turnaround to allow our clients experiment with as many design iterations as needed for a perfect solution.


Packaging multi-layer micro-devices is our core strength. Clients ship difficult-to-bond parts to uFluidix for assembly.


We help clients to conceptualize, improve and validate microfluidic devices which handle microliters of blood, drug, or chemicals.
If you choose us as a partner, we assure you would receive a working and manufacturable prototype that exceeds your expectation.

Check out this 1-minute video to find out more about uFluidix:  
uFluidix chips

uFluidix chips

Microfluidic device materials

Microfluidic device materials

Video instruction

Video instruction