Microfluidics applications

Find out more about what microfluidic devices are used for

Since its emergence, microfluidics technology has proven to be a powerful tool in connecting the engineering world to the life sciences. Ready to learn more about how microfluidics is helping in academic research and the industry? Check out the list of microfluidic applications below!

Organ on a chip cluster sketch

Organ-on-a-chip is one of the most popular microfluidic chips. Click on the link below to learn more about these chips!


Microfluidic cell sorting

Microfluidic cell sorter and cell separation chips are highly effective, modular, and cost-effective.

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Explore the various aspects of C. elegans research that have been impacted by microfluidic technology.

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Electroporation on a chip

Microfluidic gene delivery chips are capable of transferring genetic or chemical cargo into the cells at higher efficiencies.

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Sorting on a chip

Droplet-based microfluidics is a powerful tool for ultra-high-throughput assays in biology and chemistry.

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Microfiber synthesis schematic

Microparticle and microfibers are applicable in various applications such as drug delivery and tissue engineering.

Point of care schematic

Microfluidic technology provides a suitable platform for Point-Of-Care applications in diagnostics and environmental testing.

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microfluidic drug toxicity screening schematic

Microfluidics offers highly precise and controlled environments for analyzing the performance of a new drug compound.

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Microfluidic fertility schematic

Sperm selection and semen analysis are two aspects of fertility aid where microfluidics can play an important role.

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