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What We Do


Via a quality management system, we use proprietary technologies for the mass fabrication of silicone (PDMS), and thermoplastic parts for micro technologies.


We offer reasonable pricing, and very quick turnaround to allow our clients experiment with as many design iterations as needed for a perfect solution.


Packaging multi-layer micro-devices is our core strength. Clients ship difficult-to-bond parts to uFluidix for assembly.


We help clients to conceptualize, improve and validate micro devices which handle microliters of blood, drug, or chemicals. If you choose us as partner, we assure you would receive a working and manufacturable prototype that exceeds your expectation.

Latest News

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Upcoming Microfluidics Conferences 2016

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Rules of Thumb for Designing $1 Microfluidic Cartridges

Rules of Thumb for Designing $1 Microfluidic Cartridges

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uFluidix Exhibits at Healthkick 2015

uFluidix Exhibits at Healthkick 2015

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