Meet The Prototyping Grant Winner

Meet The Prototyping Grant Winner

After lengthy and careful consideration uFluidix is pleased to announce the winner of the 2016-2017 Prototyping Grant.


The winner is

Shaw Mountain Technology 

• Congratulations! •


SMT_MSMMicropump-300x281Shaw Mountain Technology (SMT) is a Boise-based company (Idaho, USA) that specializes in shape memory alloys, particularly the magnetic shape memory alloy Ni-Mn-Ga, and develop various technologies within the fields of sensors, microfluidics, energy harvesters, and actuators.

This grant covers USD 50,000 of design and fabrication services from uFluidix for the development of the magnetic shape memory (MSM) micropump, created by Shaw Mountain Technology, for one year up to a maximum defined with no strings attached.

«The MSM micropump utilizes a heterogeneous magnetic field from a diametrically magnetized permanent magnet to locally strain the material nearest to the poles of the magnet.  The resulting small cavity follows the poles of the magnet when the magnet is rotated.  The MSM micropump captures this motion by placing the material within a microfluidic channel.  Fluid from the inlet side of the channel is peristically transported to the outlet using the MSM effect.»
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We would like to thank all applicants who applied for the 2016-2017 Prototyping Grant round!

We greatly appreciate your time, effort, and persistence.

Stay tuned and don’t forget to join The Microfluidic Circle. The next round is coming!


uFluidix Exhibits at Healthkick 2015

uFluidix Exhibits at Healthkick 2015

uFluidix, a global leader in microfluidics, is proud to be part of Toronto’s Life Sciences industry. Please stop by at our booth for a chat on Thursday May 7th if you are looking for a job, venture partnership or collaborative work. We would be happy to propose our value in person, and to hear from you.

In addition, we have exciting news about our latest ground breaking point-of-care pathogen detection system. We would like to know if our platform technology is interesting to you.

Click for more info.

Showcase at Healthkick 2014

Showcase at Healthkick 2014

OnChip Diagnostics a uFluidix associate company will be exhibiting at MaRS Healthkick 2014 on May 15 in downtown Toronto.
OnChip Dx commercializes Point-of-care diagnostics devices that use Lab-on-a-chip technology to detect infectious diseases.
There will be representatives from uFluidix and OnChip Dx at the exhibition. Please stop by for a chat.

The exhibition is held at concourse level of MaRS Building (Photo courtesy of Mars) at 101 College Street (southeast corner of College and University) and is open to public.


uFluidix was featured as a success story

uFluidix has been a MaRS Discovery District client since 2010.  We are proud to be mentioned between some of the most successful Ontario Life Sciences startups.

uFluidix awarded NRC-IRAP funding

Canada’s government through the NRC-IRAP program continues to support uFluidix’s R&D operation. The funding will strengthen uFluidix expertise in the area of diagnostics.

In near future labs go to the patients not patients to the lab

In near future labs go to the patients not patients to the lab

uFluidix CEO tells media how uFluidix is helping the emerging field of Lab-on-a-chip get off the ground. Lab-on-a-chip is revolutionizing the life sciences and health care field.

uFluidix Moved to New Facilities

uFluidix is now moved to a new facility located at East Toronto. The new headquarters includes  state-of-the-art class 1000 manufacturing and R&D cleanrooms. It is conveniently located 300m from Warden Subway Station to facilitate the commute for our talents from around the GTA.

uFluidix a Top MaRS Life Sciences Company in 2012

uFluidix a MaRS Discovery District Venture since 2010 is recognized as one of the top Life Sciences ventures to elevate their game

Bio Business Magazine Article About uFluidix Growth

Bio Business Magazine Article About uFluidix Growth

The Business Leadership section (page 22) of the Bio Business Magazine talks to Aarash Sofla about growing the business.


uFluidix CEO joins BioTECanada for TSX Market opening Ceremony

uFluidix CEO joins BioTECanada for TSX Market opening Ceremony

BioTECanada opens the TSX market on its 25th aniversary. uFluidix is honoured to be part of the growing Canadian biotechnology companies.