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uFluidix Masters “Lab on a Chip”

uFluidix Masters “Lab on a Chip”

uFluidix Masters “Lab on a Chip” — StartUp HERE Toronto (November 1, 2018)

Along a series of tiny channels, one-tenth the width of a human hair, pass liquids that are perhaps one-hundredth the volume of a single drop. With these special chips, we can now do everything from breakthrough molecular and cell biology research, to point-of-care diagnostics. It’s all thanks to the science of microfluidics, and Toronto firm uFluidix is at the forefront.

People with diabetes need to track their sugar levels throughout the day. With a hand-held blood glucose monitor, that can happen quickly and easily. Ever wonder how?

Newer technology is revolutionizing the process of testing fluids. Aarash Sofla calls it “lab on a chip” – and his Toronto firm has become a leader in the field of microfluidics.